Sombre Echoes


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Eterna's Self Produced 2016 EP Sombre Echoes.


released September 23, 2016



all rights reserved


ETERNA Port St. Lucie, Florida

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Track Name: Tao

Now I'm constructing a new face
it's electric to feel this way
riding high tides to a new place

I was dissolving in distress
it was pathetic to witness
falling backwards into a new space

There's always hunger
there's always waiting
waiting for answers
that never seem to come

This is a question that we've faced
all our lives
what's an example of good faith
in your eyes
what will this world become
if we can't breath
when it fills our lungs
with wicked air

its confronting your deepest fears
and embracing the darkness
walking your life in a straight line

it's accepting forgiveness
and letting go of time
climbing deeper
just to reach her

Was it love, was it really
could you breath, did you feel
was it harsh, did you lie
did you break, to survive
did it all, fall apart
just to break, break her hear
with the light in her eyes
can you tell she still cries?
Track Name: Precognition
Haunting is the night
when all we have are dreams
Slipping into sovereign sirens
Initiate defeat

This ones for the path
and all that's sacrificed
to know that this was real

and all the empty space
seen within their eyes
will finally be released

Oh no!
I feel it in my bones
tearing down the walls inside me

Conscious is a life
infected with disease
alleviate the symptoms
initiate complete

Will it be enough
tempted by the sound
to make the same mistakes
go another round

I can't face myself again
(when) They bring me up

I've finally found the time to breath!
I've finally found the time to sleep!
Track Name: Incandescent
It started with the cleansing of an atmosphere
you're a brilliant but blinding light
evolving our foresight
filling a void but feeling invested

The message was sent with the help of a mirror
tainted love and fading passion

Would it really help if you wanted to leave now
if you left this world relieving the pressure

We're falling deeper and deeper in tow
and as my lungs fill my mind is aglow

and if by morning I end up alone
let lay rest my soul and weary bones

Like a candle with the wick burning on both ends
your brilliant but fading life
is alluding to nothing
while taking new faces

My mind was away
(My mind was away)
but now it's sharper today
My heart is a wave
(my heart is a wave)
The sun is guiding the way
(it's guiding the way)
Track Name: Incendiary

The words you speak
are fleeting to me
your mouths on fire
I can't compete

It's just enough
you're giving everyone
a taste
of who you really are

You're walking away
when something is difficult
to say

Kindle to the flame

the focus it takes
to keep me from burning up
will break

setting me ablaze

This is when we meet
and I'm pressing delete
these walls come down in apathy

There was nothing left to say
things are better off this way
not according to the plan
walk away and wash your hands
Track Name: If I Were The Devil
If I Were The Devil

Lets keep quiet
our full intentions
so we survive
the night

Trade perspective
for shallow fashion
may you burn
in light

...and I am the darkness
that drains the light
from your eyes
A blanketing reaper
the takes the lives
from your own

Run, until you forget your problems
and ignore you ambitions
Lie, until you get what you wanted
leave the rest to dissolve